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Medievalia Miscellany, vol. 1: Knighthood

Medievalia Miscellany
vol. 1: Knighthood (2022)

Medievalia Miscellany is a magazine celebrating a love and enthusiasm for the genre and aesthetic of "medieval fantasy." Volume 1 is all about knights --- those metal-clad mainstays of the medieval landscape. From Lady Knights to Don Quixote to Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, this magazine contains 32 pages of stories, poetry, comics, and DIY activities.

Medievalia Miscellany came about as the result of my Master's Thesis project in the Illustration and Visual Culture program at Washington University in St. Louis. Through the project, I practiced my storytelling and explored worldbuilding - particularly, collaborative worldbuilding - where not only are cultural memories of the past borrowed and built on, but the reader is then invited and encouraged to interact with that world and make it their own.


It was also a good excuse to draw lots of swords and armor.

*Medievalia Miscellany, vol. 1: Knighthood will be available for purchase in July of 2022.*

FORTS (2019)

Using personal memories as starting points, these images are a series of dimensional illustrations exploring the theme of childhood forts - secure, protective structures which children build for themselves to defend, explore, and discover both inner and outer worlds.

All images were constructed as miniature sets built from a variety of scrap and found materials. The characters are painted polymer clay over wire armatures, hand-sewn, and embellished with additional found objects. Once constructed and set up, the scene was lit and photographed by myself and then the photo was cleaned up and edited in Photoshop.

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